Water contamination is an issue that concerns everyone.

Microbial water contamination is a global problem affecting hundreds of millions of people in both developed and developing countries. In the US alone, 15 million households get their water from private wells, which are not covered by EPA regulations. These wells are susceptible to various environmental contaminants including seepage through landfills, failed septic tanks, underground storage tank infection, fertilizers and pesticides. The scary part? The problem extends beyond private systems to the public water supply.


Reduce testing time from DAYS to MINUTES using our breakthrough smartphone kit

For example, aged infrastructure in Flint, Michigan forced government to find new sources for the public water system, changes that led to a stark increase in the number of cases of lead poisoning as well as bacteria-related deaths and illnesses. Such incidents have eroded consumer confidence in the safety of public water infrastructure across North America not to mention in developing countries like China and India where up to 80% of the ground or surface water has been deemed contaminated.

Here are some disturbing facts to consider:

  • 10 people in Flint died of bacteria-related water borne illness (Michigan Live, Jan 2016)
  • Legionella (bacteria) in plumbing systems is responsible for 57.6% of drinking water disease outbreaks (CDC)
  • Over 15 million US households (about 45 million Americans) obtain drinking water from private wells that are subject to various environmental contaminants (EPA)
  • 51.5% of water borne disease outbreaks are related to untreated ground water (EPA, CDC)
  • About 60% of public hot tubs are contaminated with bacteria beyond acceptable limits (CDC)
  • Millions of immunosuppressed consumers can get sick easily and with greater severity when exposed to bacteria not harmful to others

Regardless of where you live, it’s good to know if you’re exposed to dangerous levels of contaminants.

Given the importance of water safety to our health, it simply makes sense to test your water for microbial contamination regularly. The good news: ExactBlue makes it easy to detect bacteria in minutes. It’s up to 50x more sensitive than traditional lab-based methods and gives you results using your smartphone in minutes.

ExactBlue Smartphone Water Testing Kit

ExactBlue Smartphone Testing
ExactBlue Smartphone Testing

Keeping your home, pool or hot tub water clear of contaminants is an ongoing job, so we created ExactBlue to become your end to end solution to get the job done quickly.

Our wireless handheld device brings water testing in to the smartphone era, not only allowing you to detect the level of bacteria in your water, but taking it one step further to provide you with access to all the analysis and data you need at your finger tips.


With ExactBlue, you can test multiple samples at a fraction of cost.

ExactBlue is a truly innovative water testing kit, capable of detecting low level of microbial contamination. Its state of the art hardware contains a number of sensors that read the reaction of the water when mixed with nano reagents in our test vials and then pairs wirelessly via bluetooth with your iOS or Android device.  The size of a mouse, ExactBlue is as portable as it is easy to use. Reliable and battery powered, it makes the perfect water testing solution for any setting: industrial/commercial facility, workplace and at home or on the road.


  • EXTENSIVE MICROBIAL DETECTION: ExactBlue is an easy-to-use screening test that can quickly detect if the bacteria count in your water. It detects disease-causing bacteria and fungi such as E.coli, Staphylococcus Aureus, Salmonella, Pseudomonas Aeruginosa and other Pseudomonas and strains known to be responsible for biofilm formation in water systems. Our proprietary nano particles directly attach to bacteria.
  • DETERMINE LEVEL OF DISINFECTANT: Check for the level of chlorine in your water using the disinfectant tests. With both rapid bacteria and chlorine testing, you will know whether your disinfection or filtration system is working adequately.
  • ONE DEVICE, MANY TESTS: ExactBlue is a truly innovative bacteria test kit that is superior to test strips and capable of detecting dangerous levels of microbes in water. More tests such as Lead and specific bacteria such as E.Coli will be added into the platform.
  • FAST RESULTS: ExactBlue offers accurate, reliable results in as little as 2 minutes through the use of breakthrough nanotechnology for microbial detection. This means results are 1000s of times faster than the lab without the hassle of collecting, incubating,  shipping your sample under controlled temperature to lab, and the elimination of the critical wait period.
  • TEST MULTIPLE SAMPLES:  With ExactBlue, it’s super easy to test different sources of water, or multiple samples within the same source. This helps provide much higher level of assurance as it’s a good idea to test multiple times in many cases.
  • SCOPE OF DETECTION:  50 times or more bacteria detected vs. lab based culture tests. The traditional HPC (Heterotrophic Plate Count) method detects only bacteria that is culturable (or those that grow in the lab).
  • REMINDERS AND ALERTS: Automatically keep a log of your testing and get reminders of when to test next. We are working on adding alerts based on weather pattern changes that affect water quality.
  • REDUCED COSTS: Costs can be compared to reduction in the range of 80% per sample vs. conventional lab testing.
  • ANDROID AND APPLE: Easy to use wireless device that pairs with both Android or Apple phones.
  • PATTERN ANALYSIS AND CLOUD BACKUP: All your water testing and location data is automatically saved and backed up for future reference and pattern analysis.
  • WIRELESS WITH LONG BATTERY LIFE: Low power Bluetooth device that allows dozens of tests on a single charge, and over 10,000 tests over its lifetime.


Whether you’re in commercial pool or hot tub testing, building maintenance services, or in any other industry that requires water testing for microbial presence, as well as levels of disinfection, you can use ExactBlue’s professional smartphone kit to help your clients test their water sources quickly and safely.

  • Perform one or many microbial tests on the spot without sending samples to lab
  • Check for chlorine levels to get data on disinfection level
  • Provide clients with a report immediately
  • Cloud application where all reports are stored and cataloged privately
  • Easy-to-use wireless device that works with Android or Apple phones
  • Long lasting battery that will work for 10,000+ tests
  • Save time and increase customer satisfaction and confidence

What We Need & What You Get

We’re a group of scientists, researchers and product developers who have spent decades working on software, nanotech, and disinfection technology. We’ve spent the more than two years perfecting the technology and are now ready to bring it to you. We need your support to make this technology available widely.

Test your water at home
Test your water at home

We have completed the design and development of the nano test vials, handheld wireless devices and the mobile app. With your funds, we’ll place our first at-scale production order and begin delivery in about three months. We will continue to expand our testing capability to include other organisms and inorganic contaminants such as lead, arsenic and more.

For every level of kit you purchase, you can buy additional tests at lower cost from our app or website as you need more.

The Impact

Your contribution will accelerate the availability of this breakthrough technology and enable everyone on the planet to test their water regularly.

Your help will:

  • Enable consumers and organizations across the world to test their water in a fraction of the time and cost
  • Share data on water quality at a new level of granularity that can serve as an early warning system for disease outbreaks or infrastructure issues
  • Make it much easier and more understandable to test water in places where access to a lab or professional services is not available
  • Support non-profits that need to perform water testing across the world


If you can’t contribute, help us spread the word! Share this page with your friends or family who may need help testing water or might be interested in our solution

Don’t let this technology disappear in the lab! Help us enable water testing for everyone on the planet.

Risks and challenges

As with all hardware projects, there is some delivery risk around project timelines due to supply chain, certification and logistical issues.